Posted on Apr 14, 2020

Detroit Shoe Shine and Shoe Repair

Detroit Shoe Shine and Shoe Repair is open every Saturday 8am-3pm in Eastern Market during the Covid-19 Mandatory Shelter-In.
This update is for clients that had items repaired prior to 2020, and have not contacted us via phone or text to discuss picking their items up. In our industry we are not responsible for items left over 30 days per the shoe repair ticket that is shown in this picture. We do not charge storage as some shops do, however we can no longer hold on to people's items that have not contacted us. We can no longer afford to pay our business storage for items that have been left over 30 days due to Covid-19 affecting the amount we earn to pay for our expenses. Please note, that all customers items that have not been discussed with us prior to February 2020, have been discarded. We have Google Voice to monitor all phone calls, voicemails, and text and we can easily research if a person has reached out to our company to procure their items. We have been open every Saturday going on eight years, except for notices we have posted online. If you dropped off items on a Sat and due to whatever situations in your life that prevented you from coming back on a Sat, we are not responsible for your schedule. We will only accomodate those individuals who have communicated with us to pick up their items. Please note we are the highest rated shoe repair in the city of Detroit, as well as the smallest.
Thank you for understanding and thank you for your eight years of business!
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